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Philagreen Hospitality Association (PGHA) is an initiative comprised of hospitality and environmental professionals joining together to create sustainable “green” business practices.

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Finally, a comprehensive resource for all environmentally conscious hoteliers, general managers, restaurateurs, chief engineers, housekeeping managers, and food and beverage directors who understand the immeasurable importance and benefits of implementing green practices into Philadelphia’s hospitality industry.

Save time, save money and build business with pertinent and concise information. -We hold seminars throughout the year on cutting-edge topics to help you become an eco leader in ways that are easy and cost-effective.-We keep you informed of tax breaks and utility incentives for capital investments in energy efficiency and renewal energy. We help you green your food services. More Benefits

Statistics show that customers prefer environmentally friendly hotels. With this social revolution underway, all hotels gain an advantage by creating their own environmental program, not only to connect with these consumers and businesses, but to benefit the environment.


It takes three times the amount of water to produce the bottle as it does to fill it. 


Only one in five bottles is recycled. The rest end up in landfills and on our streets, eventually littering our seas via sewage systems.  


Facts About Bottled Water
17 million barrels of oil are used annually to produce the bottles, enough to fuel 1.5 million cars a year.
40% is actually tap water.  

Although the Rittenhouse Hotel became a member of Philagreen Hospitality Association and enjoys the many seminars and finds the newsletters very helpful, we hired Ms. Cohen to assist us in developing a road map for implementing green initiatives. She has proved to be most knowledgeable, introducing us to a number of green service providers. To date, with Ms. Cohen's outstanding support and guidance, we have implemented over 35 green programs that reduce our carbon footprint, making The Rittenhouse a safer place for guests and employees, while reducing expenses in a number of areas.
David Benton, Former General Manager and Vice President of the Rittenhouse Hotel
I am grateful Philadelphia has an organization such as Philagreen Hospitality Association. It provides Four Seasons Hotel an opportunity to meet like-minded hoteliers, suppliers and restaurateurs in the area. It is a great opportunity to network and brainstorm together ways to grow and improve green practices in our industry. The speakers and presentations have been informative and insightful. The association also gives us knowledge of improvements to make in our personal lives to make the world a better, cleaner place starting at home.
Elizabeth Knox, Director of Catering, founding member of the hotel's Green Team, Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia

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